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Designing with purpose, blending creativity and intention in every project

I'm Alyne 👋 I've always been passionate about creating and expressing myself.

By combining my creativity and purpose in every project, I can bring my ideas to life and have a meaningful impact through design.

Payment system for card machines

Research, UX Design & UI Design

Designed a card machine system for one of the largest acquiring companies in Brazil.

Search filter function

Research, UX Design & UI Design

Enhanced the user experience and streamlined the management of teams, projects, products, and customers.

White-label Design System

UI Design

Delivered a solution that facilitated the development of tailored platforms.

Âncora 1


Rebranding, Visual & Graphic Design

Designed the visual identity for Yona, a gender-inclusive brand for people with periods.


Rebranding, Visual & Graphic Design

Rebranding inspired by the technology universe.

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